The Warm-Up: Boris Werner selects ahead of UNUM Festival 2023

Boris Werner

Boris Werner is a Dutch DJ and producer hailing from Amsterdam. He has been a prominent figure in the Dutch electronic music scene for over a decade, known for his dynamic DJ sets that blend house, techno, and disco into a seamless mix. Boris has performed at some of the most renowned clubs and festivals around the world, including Fabric in London, Panorama Bar in Berlin, and Time Warp in Germany. He has also released music on respected labels such as Moon Harbour, Get Physical, and Soweso Records, showcasing his diverse range of influences and production skills. All this aside, he also runs the fledgling Caught in a Bubble label.

Boris Werner's dedication to his craft and community has made him a respected and influential figure in the electronic music world. We caught up with Boris ahead of Albania’s UNUM festival (taking place from June 1st - 6th), as he talked us through some of the big tracks he’s likely to play at the iconic Albanian festival… 

Oral Experience - Never Been On E

I recently found this gem - gives a pretty accurate musical description of what you might have missed out on ;) Haven’t played it out loud yet, probably will during my all nighter at Shelter at the end of May.

Morane - The Trick (Think Dark)

I think this is one of my favorite tracks on Perlon. Really love the playfulness Markus Nikolai and Theo Krieger are able to put into their music. And next to that it is a proper dance floor banger in its own right!

Kat Williams - That Track By Cat

One of those records that will never leave my bag, proper hypnotic vibes with a lush female vox, win win baby!!

DJ Baby Anne - She Said (On The Decks Mix)

Electro booty vibes the way I like it, have been rocking this lately and the reactions on the dancefloor are just insane every time. That organ sound also makes it a lil’ bit ravey, perfect combination if you ask me..

Old School - Rider Rock Rave

A pretty dope edit from LaTour - Blue done by Jonny Rock, more heavy on the drums with some nice vocal cuts. Also check out the other stuff Jonny did, edit maestro!

N-Gynn - Bumpin and Gurnin

One of my favorite producers at the moment, always on point with his drum programming and all around old school esthetics, vibes galore!! 

tRicmasta feat SNVRS - Rise

Ricardo & Tripmastaz together in the studio is always a win win, specially on this track with vocalist SNVRS. Proper trippy cut as you would expect from them, afterparty shenanigans guaranteed!

The Predator - Outer Limits (House Mix)

I was already a big fan of that 90's sound but recently I dove even deeper into that 90-93 area — so much amazing music was made then, there were no rules at the time and you mos def hear that back in the music, love it!!

Mr X & Mr Y - New World Order

One of those records you forget over the years and then bammmmm it hits you again and ooooh that 808 basskick will make you quiver fe sho. I've been rinsing this since my rediscovery, basically my anthem now.

HearThug - Planet Rhythm X

This guy from Tunisia has been making such waves lately, such dope and freaky productions. I'm happy to say he's coming to town this summer, I will be sharing the bill with him at Shelter in August.

Check out Boris’ latest EP New World Order on Vatos Locos here 

Grab tickets for Unum here