Romanian DJ Vid debuts on Nervous sublabel (Interview)

Alongside the likes of Strictly Rhythm and Nu Groove, few labels epitomise the US house music scene quite like Nervous Records. Famed for their many hits (as well as their tough garage/house sound), the label continues to diversify, as evidenced from their embracing of new sounds and their ability to mix things up a bit. This is immediately apparent from the debut release of their NRV sublabel, which debuted recently courtesy of a killer VA featuring Jay Tripwire, Dragomir and Vid. Astute signings, we’re sure you’ll agree, and definitely evidenced that this sublabel means business. Indeed, Vid is rightly reputed as one of Romania’s best DJ exports, and he plays a focal role on the release, with his track, Behind You (premiered via our Soundcloud) arguably the record’s high moment. We caught up with him recently to learn more…

Tell us about DJing and how you got into it all those years ago. Do you remember what so fascinated you about it?

It's funny: this year I’m turning 18 years of this music industry, and I remember everything like it was yesterday. I loved listening to all types of music but going to zebra and listening to different artists playing electronic music I was fascinated instantly. I was not even “legal” to be there but I didn't care. That energy was breathtaking and it still is to this day.

All artists face challenges on their musical road. What was yours? How did you overcome it?

Understanding that you make music for your soul, to express what you feel and to share what you love, never run for fame or money or playing at this or that.. Just love what you do and at the end of the day if you like what you release or play, then it's enough. 


You recently contributed an awesome track to Nervous Records’ new sublabel. Tell us a bit about how that came to pass?

Me and Jay Tripwire were talking about music, turns out we are two music heads and he gave one of my tracks to his friend, who turned out to be one of the main guys at Nervous Records. 

Is Nervous a label you’ve long admired? Do you take a lot of inspiration from US house?

I mean this is like asking if you like drinking water! Nervous Records is one of the pillars of music and house music in general, you have so many amazing artists that have released there over the years, so many classics.

Do you feel pressure to really succeed when you produce for certain labels? Do you always produce with certain labels in mind?

Never, I always produce music the way i want to produce, i never change nothing
At the end of the day the goal is to produce something you like, and if a record label resonates with you its ok if not it's still ok.

Is there one label you’d really love to sigh you music to? Why?

Hmm tough question, there are alot of records labels i admire, but if it will happen it will happen. Let’s see! 

You’ve recorded on a bunch of well-regarded labels, such as Brouqade, Memoria, Karton, Pleasure Zone and more. Where does this release sit alongside the others?

Well it's special because it’s at Nervous and it’s with 2 favourite artists and also the story behind the track is very special, a sad one but one that will always so there is no better label to release then Nervous Records.

Has your approach to music changed over the years? What’s your general production day look like? 

A cup of tea, some jazz in the background and from that I go with the flow.

I guess the main thing that changed is time. Now I don't rush things, I just do it calmly, relaxed and with the general idea of creating something that I would listen to again tomorrow, next week or next year.

What influences the type of music you’re going to make, would you say?

Everything: jazz, classical music, hip-hop, techno, psy…i get inspiration from everything.

Are Romanian guys generally inspired by one another, do you think? Or more from what’s happening overseas?

It depends, for the past years i ve been listening music from all over the world, doesn't matter where it comes from, now I’m really into old japanese jazz. 

A lot’s made of the scene in Romania. Has it reached a saturation point? Or is it as exciting as ever? 
Ha, this is a complex discussion, i feel that underground music in general is in a tough situation, not because of saturation or anything, but just because now there are so many genres and parties and it's a good thing, it's always good to have diversity and for Romania, i would rather not say anything. I'm not in a position to talk about it as I play more overseas now.

From an outsider’s perspective, it seems like a lot of the homegrown guys are as celebrated as the international acts who visit. Why do you think this is? Are Romanians generally very receptive to hearing new music?

Everybody respects Romanians producers and DJs because we do have a good ear and i think we can always feel when somebody is making music with passion, i guess it's something in our blood we respect the ones that respect the craft, the hard work, the many hours, days, years put into making a 7-10 minutes track.

What’s next for you that’s super exciting you right now?

Getting married haha, but leaving that aside is making part 2 of Schite si Note LP, for Andromeda a 11 track album which will include tracks from most of the genres i listen to the most.

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