Wyro announces new LP, Focus

Enter the realm of pulsating rhythms and infectious beats. Wyro, the Ukrainian-born maestro, crafts a brand of house music that compels you to move, grooving to its irresistible allure. With a touch of minimal techno, his metallic and elegant sound transports you to the underground nightclub experience. Picture the dim red lights casting an ambiance, bodies swaying in unison—a sonically intoxicating indulgence in the world of electronic music.

Wyro's latest collaborative album, the 11-track LP titled "Focus," released through his own Engineer imprint, offers a delightful array of hardware jams that tantalize the senses. Among them, the lead track, "Focus," stands out with its thick, velvety synths that entice the listener, while occasional emotive pads strike like laser beams overhead.

Some tracks envelop house beats with warm synths, creating a comforting embrace, while others take a more minimalistic path, cutting through with unpredictable modular growls that enthrall and captivate. "Gizrene," a collaboration with fellow Ukrainian artist Silak Beksi, exemplifies this approach, as do "Morpharra" and the ultra-sexy "Motives," created in tandem with Komey.

Speaking of Komey, the chemistry between the two artists shines brightly on "Fields," as they conjure an irresistible groove that builds upon a serious synth riff, amidst a chaotic symphony of bleeps and bloops. It's nothing short of massive!

Each track possesses its own distinct flavor, traversing the spectrum from bright and airy to deep and driving. "Tunnel Vision," a collaboration with Doubtinghomas, delves into serious darkness. On the other hand, the final track with HC, "No Sightseeing," feels like a sunrise, tenderly concluding the album with a lighter 808 groove and a floating melody.

These eleven moments encapsulate stunning and meticulously crafted electronic grooves, showcasing one of minimal house's most exciting talents. Make sure to grace the dancefloor with this album soon—it's an experience you won't want to miss.

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