Zurich’s Elvis Cassetta launches brand-new WhyNot imprint (news)

Elvis Cassetta, hailing from Zurich, is set to release a stunning four-track debut EP on his new label WhyNot on March 17th. The EP boasts a refined deep house sound, expertly crafted with silky smooth grooves that will get dance floors shaking.

The opening track, Down With Us, showcases Cassetta's effortless ability to create a hot house swing with just a few elements - a subtle groove, skittish percussion, and a sultry vocal sample. The track opens up in the breakdown before the bassline brings it back in for an intimate dancefloor moment, making it a perfect hands-in-the-air peak-time scene.

The EP's second track, Focals Finest, ups the tempo with a thunderous kick drum pattern and dreamy synth pads steadily building to induce a real sweat. Finally, Jupiter Groove focuses on a raw bassline with spoken word samples adding a leftfield, danceable percussion layer. In Silat Beksi's remix, the deep groove takes on a brighter tone with swirling samples, prominent key stabs, eerie vocals, and a teasing melody. The percussion elements pulsate up into the rafters of the lofty house track, leading listeners into a state of hypnosis.

Overall, this classy release is a perfect fit for warming up crowds in style with its well-crafted house tracks.

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