Emotive Technology's Guide to Santiago

Cyphon Recordings releases the ‘Walk Into the Light EP’ this week from Chilean producer Massiande under his techno guise, Emotive Technology. Hailing from the Chilean city of Santiago - the largest city in Chile with a population of 7 million people – we thought it would be fun to get the inside track about the city from someone in the know.

What is your relationship with the city you live in and it’s culture?

Santiago is my birthplace and a nice place to live in this world!

Have you seen it change much over the years and in what way?

Chile in general has changed a lot since the last 30 years ago, for better we believe. It’s a country that’s continuously developing. Our economy remains healthy and it’s a safe country, all things considered.

How much of your identity comes from where you live?

Not much of my identity comes from Santiago, to be honest. I consider myself a human being that’s a citizen of this world rather than my nationality or physical place. And every place and human has something to admire.

Santiago from above

What is your favourite place to sit and watch the world go by in Santiago?

All placed where you can see a clearer sky and breath cleaner air, as Santiago has a lot of smog in dry seasons. There’s a huge difference when traveling an hour away from Downtown.

What is your favourite music venue and why?

I like the acoustics of a classic place like Teatro Caupolicán, where there are concerts of all kinds of band.

Home - Teatro Caupolicán (teatrocaupolican.cl)

The same for the Movistar Arena, which was built with sound quality in mind.

Teatro Caupolicán

What is your top tip for a good dinner?

If you aren’t spending much but want something great: “Fuente Suiza” in Ñuñoa is a classic that’s amazing for big beef sandwiches and juicy empanadas. You can’t miss it!

Fuente Suiza – Fuente de Soda en Ñuñoa | Churrascos, Empanadas, Crudos y Completos – Fuente de Soda en Ñuñoa · Churrascos, empanadas, crudos

Mid-priced and also in Ñuñoa is “La Fabbrica”, a pasta restaurant that I love and that at the same time is a Jazz club at nights!

And if money is not an issue: Happening restaurant in Las Condes.

Fuente Suiza

Happening Restaurant

What is your tip for the best place for good coffee and why do you like it?

Cassis - No pierdas tu Sur – Cassis tienda (cassiscafe.com)

I recommend a great and beautiful coffee shop like Cassis Café in the El Golf neighborhood. It’s a gorgeous place fully made of wood, resembling the environment of the south of Chile. And the food and cakes are really amazing.

Cassis Café

What is the best club where you are?

BAR EL TUNEL: All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos) (tripadvisor.co.uk)

For Deep House or Soulful House music, which is what I love unfortunately there aren’t any clubs. But if you’re into Techno or Tech-House, La Feria is a nice club that’s well-known. For ’70s and ’80s music you might enjoy Bar El Túnel.


Tell us your top tip for best record shop?

Persa Bío Bío, antigüedades, arte y gastronomía (santiagoando.com)

There’s a market called Persa Bío-Bío that opens exclusively on weekends. It goes for many blocks, with people selling things both on the streets and in established stores inside warehouse-like places. And there’s a warehouse that’s all music, which you will find by locating Local 54. It can be pricey if compared to Europe or US record prices, but you can find some nice things. And you can find all sorts of art, antiques, old A/V equipment, videogames, memorabilia and any you can think of in there. It’s better to get there by Metro (Bío-Bío station).

Also Vinilos Brieba, which is Downtown close to Quinta Normal. Lots of variety but same goes for prices.

Vinilos Brieba

What is the thing you like to do most in your city when time permits?

Enjoy a nice beef or pasta restaurant. Go to the Parque Bicentenario for a nice walk with nature surroundings.

What do you think is the most interesting fact about Santiago?

Every time I speak to a tourist, they say the view of the Andes mountains is quite impressive. And it’s true. And you can see them from anywhere in the city!

Santiago also has all 4 seasons of the year very distinctively. So you get to experience them all, unlike other parts of the country or the world. It’s also a big city, so it takes time to get a good impression of it. And if you get a chance to travel to Chile, I suggest even more to visit places other than Santiago, like Valparaíso, Atacama or the Chiloé island.

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